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Big Lipped Babes' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Big Lipped Babes

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Домашние растения цветы в доме на форуме для женщин [09 Nov 2010|11:54pm]

Позиция номер три, а также четыре, пять... Что бы мы не делали и чем бы не занимались, всегда будем помнить и повторять, пока не поверим, что мы самые красивые и очаровательные. Пусть период беременности станет для нас замечательным временем любви к себе. Ведь мы этого, безусловно, достойны! Вы видели такую кожу только на лице супермоделей в журнале? Но такого эффекта добиться очень просто: нужно всего лишь слегка “спрыснуть” лицо водой. Это не даст косметике приобрести несвежий вид. После того, как вы нанесете основу макияжа, тональный крем и пудру, распылите в воздухе немного воды и поместите лицо в эту “дымку’. Через несколько минут продолжите наносить макияж.

Женский взгляд и женское творчество

Что мы хотели бы спросить про женский взгляд? Сухой воздух вместе с воздействием синтетической одежды и неподходящих средств укладки становится виновником излишней наэлектризованности волос. Чтобы этого избежать рекомендуется в первую очередь поменять пластиковые расчески или щетки на деревянные или на такие же, но со специальным антистатическим покрытием. Также зимой постарайтесь пользоваться бальзамом-ополаскивателем, но только не используйте шампунь «2 в 1», толку от него все равно не будет. Хорошо снимают лишнюю наэлектризованность любые средства для укладки, например, муссы легкой фиксации, лаки для волос, разглаживающие крема и пенки. Женская привлекательность и женский взгляд: домашние растения цветы в доме на форуме для женщин. Медовая питательная и увлажняющая маска для лица - устраняет шелушение. Она подойдет тем, у кого кожа лица сильно шелушится. Возьмите 100 г меда, 2 желтка, 100 г растительного масла. Хорошо разотрите и слегка подогрейте. Накладывайте маску в несколько приемов с интервалом 5-7 минут, а смывайте ватным тампоном, смоченным в отваре липы.

Продолжение про женские прически ...Collapse )
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Big Lips are officially "in" [29 Aug 2010|10:57pm]

[ mood | excited ]

We are special, you guys. I'm tired at looking at T.V. and seeing woman with NO LIPS. Big Lips are "in" and if you disagree with that statement, Fuck You. We get teased because we are different, the world can't handle change or different things. Well it's too damn bad, because different is finally here.
My dream is to become an actress, if this do come to past, I will represent for every Big Lip Diva out there. The Media will worship Big Lips when I'm done.  We are BEAUTIFUL no matter what our haters say. Because I will take Big Lips any damn day before I take Big Ears, Big Nose, Big Teeth and anything else unattractive. At school, I get rude comments but those same people who are laughing at my lips will be looking at my on their T.V's and wishing they were me. We, Big Lipped Babes, will have the last laugh. It feels so good to embrace the size of my lips, I don't get to do it too often. :-D
P.S. There are sooo many women injecting their Lips to look like us. WOW! So this means some ppl actually want something We got. Haha!! But they need to be careful because everyone knows, Only the natural Lips look the Best!! Ask the men. ;-)

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Wow! [27 Feb 2010|06:11pm]
I am new to live journal as well as this community and its awesome to meet fellow big lippers of the world. I too was teased as a child and was even teased by my fathers family. They were predominently indian and prefered if the lips werent as rude and abbrasive as mine. As they so lovingly put it. Newho gl with the winter as it will take a dyer toll on our lips and we will be under constant moisturization rituals. Lol
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FULL [15 Sep 2009|03:37pm]


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[31 Jul 2008|03:23pm]

Hi everyone!! my name is trish and nearly everything about me is big.

:*:*Collapse )
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[12 Jul 2008|12:20pm]

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[08 Jul 2008|03:12am]

Check out these puckers ;)

This community is awesome, hahaha

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[05 Mar 2008|10:58pm]

here I am

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[03 Mar 2008|01:57pm]

hi everybody)))
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hah [07 Feb 2008|01:19pm]


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My pretty tiny lips ^^ [19 Sep 2007|06:28pm]


All are HERE >>>Collapse )
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[14 Apr 2007|05:13pm]

[ mood | creative ]

join __sexyhott today! 18 and under only.
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I love big lips [15 Mar 2007|01:26pm]

What a great little group here. I must say that I find women with big lips to be a very sexy thing and a huge turn-on.  I especially love lip prints. Nothing is more fun than to be kissed by someone with sexy lips or to get a lip print from someone with a perfect pout!! 

There I said it!! So, how about it ladies, can you make some lip prints and post them here?? It would be amazing to see some perfect lip prints!! 

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[29 Jan 2007|01:51am]

I get stopped on the street and asked 'who did your collagen?'. I had a woman reach across a bar and pinch my bottem lip once at work when she wouldn't believe they were real, haha.

Me and My 'Perma Pout'Collapse )
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If you are interested in being painted [26 Jan 2007|08:04pm]


This is how my lips look like with  black hair.

Is this thing still not workingCollapse )

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[26 Jan 2007|03:10am]

Here's my latest painting!

and these are some pictures of my big fat suckers

My big fat suckersCollapse )
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Hallo [22 Jan 2007|03:08pm]

Hallo, I've decided to join this since I kind of do have big lips. I was made fun of when I was younger but I think I've grown into them somewhat.

pitchazCollapse )
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[02 Dec 2006|12:59pm]

I joined this community because like everyone else in here I have large lips. My entire life my father used to tease me and tell me that I had 'fish lips' but nowadays people just compare them to Angelina Jolie's and I'm okay with that. My name is Nichole, I am 17 and a senior in High School in Rhode Island.  I love music (I sing, play guitar and piano, and compose) and acting and dancing.  I also enjoy writing poetry and drawing/painted and other crafts such as beadwork.  Anyway, onto the pictures!
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newww [14 Nov 2006|10:12pm]

hey everyone! my friends seriously ALWAYS make fun of me, saying that i have huge "whale lips" (dont worry, its all in good fun) and so when i saw this community i thought it was pretty funny. and all of you girls have much more beautiful mouths than i do, i just thought it would be fun to join.

Some silly pictures..Collapse )

(i hope the cut works, ive never done it before)
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[21 Mar 2006|11:47am]


big lipped, thick hippedCollapse )
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