Hannah K. (bleuwood) wrote in biglips,
Hannah K.

I get stopped on the street and asked 'who did your collagen?'. I had a woman reach across a bar and pinch my bottem lip once at work when she wouldn't believe they were real, haha.

I figured this would probably be the best place to ask: Winter is killing my mouth, anyone have a good lip balm rec?
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Usually i use anything ...minty. I usually works pretty well. Also i would use blistex. The brand works pretty well

mr cool


January 29 2007, 13:43:48 UTC 11 years ago

cool lookin lips ya have there
Palmer's cocoa butter. Not the yellow tube, the white one. It's about the size of a glue stick and fantastic. Your lips look real and alluring. Nice.
thats true! best lipbalm ever..

But Bleuwood.. your lips look a whole lot fatter on the last picture.. Are you sure yo didnt inject something ;)?
<3 actually the last picture is the oldest, from when I was 16
weird your lips shrunk
you have a mouth that can burn a hole in my stockings.
Nice action here.


January 15 2009, 01:18:56 UTC 9 years ago

I must say you are a total doll and have the most kissable lips if I ever seen them !!
hi im new to this site i want 2 say thank u i love girls with big lips but i have neve really goten to see any if u could id love to see them please and thanks