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Big Lips are officially "in"

We are special, you guys. I'm tired at looking at T.V. and seeing woman with NO LIPS. Big Lips are "in" and if you disagree with that statement, Fuck You. We get teased because we are different, the world can't handle change or different things. Well it's too damn bad, because different is finally here.
My dream is to become an actress, if this do come to past, I will represent for every Big Lip Diva out there. The Media will worship Big Lips when I'm done.  We are BEAUTIFUL no matter what our haters say. Because I will take Big Lips any damn day before I take Big Ears, Big Nose, Big Teeth and anything else unattractive. At school, I get rude comments but those same people who are laughing at my lips will be looking at my on their T.V's and wishing they were me. We, Big Lipped Babes, will have the last laugh. It feels so good to embrace the size of my lips, I don't get to do it too often. :-D
P.S. There are sooo many women injecting their Lips to look like us. WOW! So this means some ppl actually want something We got. Haha!! But they need to be careful because everyone knows, Only the natural Lips look the Best!! Ask the men. ;-)

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